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~Adoptable, The Pink Le Sheep~ Peep! OPEN by PuppetChainsaw
~Adoptable, The Pink Le Sheep~ Peep! OPEN



Do not Claim him as yours.
I am still allowed to draw him.
He's still my OC.
If you make Art of him, I would LOVE to See It!
He is NOT a Sparkling Vampire, But A Sparkling Pink Le Sheep.

Single Adopt

Comment your Price, and I shall consider it.

He is Lazy, and apparently doesn't have a Age. But, he's still a Great Cuddle-Buddy! Also, he is very soft and sweet. =w=

-Adoptable OPEN- Anga NanjiNanji (READ UNDERNEATH) by PuppetChainsaw
-Adoptable OPEN- Anga NanjiNanji (READ UNDERNEATH)
If you Adopt her, you do NOT own her. Anga shall still stay my OC, and I am still able to draw her. If you like to see my Art, I shall send it to you. You can NOT claim her to be yours. But afcourse, you can make Art or anything of her. And if you have made Art of her, I would really love to see it! She isn't too ''expensive'', as she is my first Adoptable. If you have a price you wanna pay for her, tell that me in the comments and I'll consider it. You also are allowed to give her ONE pet, but it must be suiting her. Maybe a fluff-ball.

Race: Angle
Age: 14-15
Eyes Glow (Mostly Seen In The Dark)
Energy Balls (Psy Balls) As Weapon
Can Fly
Shy But A SweetHeart

Single Adopt


Price: 75-100 Points (As I said, if you have a different Price, tell it to me in the comments. Not Notes. I shall consider it.)
Where To Pay:

I'm just gonna share my Experiences, from today to back then.


The Mighty Crumbles Have Fallen

I was standing somewhere, and I was eating my Croissant. So, I was eating it, afcourse... And theennn... There was like this boy, and I was standing on the stairs, and there was like this little boy standing underneath me/under the stairs. Well, I was eating it, then the Crumbles fell. But, they fell on his head. He looked up, but I was gone. Then he had crumbles in his hair.


*~White People Raaappp!~* -No Offensive Shit-

So, Today was there music playing. And someone in the class started to be like ''Aww Yeahh! The Beat!'' and I shouted ''WHITE PEOPLE RAP, YO!'' I Dunno I am so sorry for wasting your time- No wait, you are wasting your own time reading this.


And 3#

We were sitting in class, my Cat Beertje died a few days ago. So, we were talking all about parking lots. Talking, about that Neighbor with that Shit-Eating-Smile on their Face claiming how that's their parking lot. Later that day, I told my teacher how my Cat died. Well, there was a other student standing there, and he thought I said ''Neighbor''. He said ''Huh?! Neighbor?!'' and then I said ''Yes. We have let or Neighbor sleep-in because he always claimed the Parking Lot.'' Then he walked away.
So, my Clone CammysButt/Zane had made this thingy and I thought:
I also put Extra's in it, 'cos it's Fun! Extra's ARE The Admin's Answers.

NOTE: Because we are SO Alike, most of his Answers were My Actual Answers/The Admin's Answers. No, Seriously. 0-0 XD
That's why I tried to make it a bit more... Different. Some more ''PuppetChainsaw''. If you want to read my Real Answers/The Admin's Answers, just read his journal. That are all my answers. (I didn't want this to look like I've copied his.)
His Thing:  Meme ThingyIn the following situations how would you react when someone tells you the following?
You're such a wuss.
Do you want me to kick your ass?
Ha! But I'm smarter than you!
Prove it, very few people are.
Your crush has a crush on me
I didn't know you were so dumb when it comes to math
It's not my fault the Common Core is so fucking impossible.
Hurry up would you?
You're so snobbish
Well, maybe I have a reason to be.
Wanna settle this outside?
You afraid of me?
Hell no. (unless it's Sebastian, then yes.)
He/she loves me more!
Oh don't go there.
You have bad grades
I know, but I'm still passing what I need to.
What if your crush told you...
I have a crush on you
I don't love you.
o-oh... okay ;-;
I think I love you already
Oh really? :D
Can T copy your answers?
Sorry but no.
I think I have a crush on your friend
Can I sit next to you?
Oh sure, go ahead.
Would you like to dance with me?
Y-yes, I would.
I think you have a crush on me
No I don't!

You're such a wuss.

-Kick them in the Nuts- or say ''Like you are brave.'' or ''I'll kick your Ass.''

Ha! But I'm smarter than you!

You have just lowered my brain. Prove it. Look at my Far-FewTimes-Far uncle. The inventor of Gravity, and so much more. My family and I, are so much smarter than you. Even an Ant is. No wait, sorry Ants.

Your crush has a crush on me.

Now I have a New Excuse to Buy Some ICE CREAM! GODDAMNIT WHY ALWAYS ME?!

I didn't know you were so dumb when it comes to math.

I sadly didn't know you are so dumb at Life.

Hurry up would you?

J-Just give me some time- SHIT!! (This is If I'm in a Hurry.)

You're so snobbish!

Bitch, maybe. Or /I maybe have a Hidden Reason.

Wanna settle this outside?

Ho, I'm gonna fuck you up. Bring that ass on, I can eat you raw.

You afraid of me?

Why should I be? (Ohh, so you're Prussia? Ok bye! I am out. But I do prefer to fight you instead of those two creepy butlers... o.o)

He/she loves me more!

Oh, really? Tell me How CRAZY in love he/she is with you. (<- Meme Reference right there.)

You have bad grades.

I'm just doing my shit. My things. This is how I float, and how my energy loads. I try hard, although you're just viewing it wrong.

I have a crush on you.


I don't love you.

I know that..

I think I love you already!

Really? Thank You! -I find it hard sometimes to reply to something like that.-

Can I copy your Answers?

Sorry, but no. (Or) No.

I think I have a crush on your friend...


Can I sit next to you?


Would you like to dance with me?

U-Uh alright..

you have a cute smile.

Not True... e///e

Why are you so nice to me?

Well, being nice is just what I do. It makes me feel good, as I see that it helps others.

Go home before it gets dark.

Then the Journey Of The Ring Begins.

Look at your sibling, he/she is so good at school.

Doesn't look like I really Care, does it?

Go to bed early.

Yes... Yes... (Lying.)

Clean the house, wash the dishes, water the plants.


Study hard ok?

Look at what I am doing!

When I was your age I only had 1 dollar as lunch money.

Alright. I don't even need to pay for my lunch, I made my own.

Why can't you be more like him?

Why can't you be like a Corpse?

When I say no... I MEAN NO!

When I do something, I do something. And when I answer my bitch, I answer my bitch.


You suck.

And you swallow.

You lick.

And you spit.

^ - Not a Question, but still Admin's Answer.

This Rapping is Horrible.


Keep quiet!

... I didn't even talk and we can just talk. This is Not a Church.

Why are you so weird?

'Cos I am so cool, and you are not. You are just like Every other Little, Greedy, Bloody Soul.

Can I have your number? ;}

Why? I don't need you around me. /runs off/

Can I maybe have your number? (Asked the Normal Way.)

O-Oh, yes you can.



Why don't you wear Make-Up?

'Cos I'm not Fake.

Why are you so Polite?

Because it's what I am. Why wouldn't I be willing to help other's, or give them Respect? It would make me a Horrible being. Something I would be Ashamed Of, as the Proud Pride has been shot.

Clone: Are you REALLY sure you aren't Intentionally copying me all along?

Why should I be copying someone? Or... Why would I copy someone?

- End Of The Long Journey. goodbye, My Fella's!
Big Sister

Since mom and dad are busy, you were only there for me
You see something I can't see
Ever since I was raised, I remember your face
You were annoying, but there in every case

Oh, school was such a pain
A pain, I could not explain
But the bullies had threaten me when I spoke a word
I would get more hurt

One day, you brought me away
To school, anywhere else I can't say
You wished me a good day
You went to your home
Again, you were Home alone

The whole day was a whole pain
Something I just could not explain
It would turn the bullies insane
When the sun was raise high in the middle of the day
I could not stay
I ran outside
Only to the full light
Then the bullies came and picked on me
There were you, now I know what you could see
You stumbled upon
Me, being picked on
And wrapped that warm arm around me
my emotions broke free
I started to cry
All the words of the bullies were just a lie
You told them to go away
But to me, you told everything was okay
That there was everything I want that I could say
Although, the bullies didn't go away
Your arm was away, but I could still feel your love and warmness
There was nothing I wanted less
I started to shout
Oh, so loud
Your hand slammed on the bullies head
Which had a cry to have out let
They then run off to their home
Also they are always home alone
You just glared at the distance, before a big smile returned
I was turned
You turned around
And shouted out loud
''Let's go home! We're today not home Alone!''
A smile returned, a warm hand placed itself on my cheek
That was what I seek
I held your hand
All my emotions lend
This serious and strong woman
Was stronger then and human

When we returned home
Your smile was still shown
You told mom about the bullies
Now it was what it sees
She couldn't believe her eyes
She couldn't believe the teacher's lies
She grabbed her phone immediately
Only the teacher's number, I could see

But I knew I was safe now
Big Sister showed me how
She spoke ''If you have problems tomorrow, I know a place where to borrow''
I smiled and laughed out lout
You let out a cheerful shout

But with this I must end the story
There's now a safe wall around me

The teacher was a Scary Mister
But I know
I can count on my Big Sister
Big Sister
Fully Owned By Me!
Do NOT Post Somewhere Else!

My Youtube:…

- I mostly first post my poems on my G+!

Thanks for Reading!



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I started with drawing when I was 7 years old. In the main time, I liked Puppets and Chainsaws. 'PuppetChainsaw' Is a shorting for 'Puppet With A Chainsaw'

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