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Make Yourself At Home, I Am Your Friend!

There is no need to be scared of me!
I don't bite! //maybe..

If there is any question you have, feel free to ask!

I do not want anyone, that is on my profile, to feel uncomfortable.

Do not harass other users and/or their art, do not fight, we are all Friends here.

Opening Commissions (For The First Time! :D)

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 22, 2015, 1:40 PM


A little thing I wanted to share..
If you would care.

On my profile are the details.
Now my art is seemingly up for the sails,

I shall post the Details here as well,
so just listen to what I tell.

You may get a Chibi!
A full body, you see?
The price is 550 Per draw!
A good price, I think, of what I saw.

Note Me just as well.
With what, and as much, details you can tell.

Loyalty Can Be Cute (..??) by PuppetChainsawZarinari - Angle - Final Fantasy OC !!Speedpaint!! by PuppetChainsaw


Yet you may know me of my writing.
One of the most popular things, in my gallery, in sighting.

So you want some writing for yourself?
A little page for the book in your shelf?

But you want some written with the heart?
A feeling, to not let fall.. Apart!

Simply, pay 750 to me!
I love to write, you see?

About what do I have to write?
About a person, or OC, I might. . . ! ~

That shall be a hard task!
But I shall do, of waht you ask!

Do note me first with details, otherwise I cannot start!
And I promise, I shall dearly write and appreciate it, From The Heart.

Also give me a song,
So I May Write Along.

I pitied her, quite goryI love the things where I can relate
They are putting me through faith
For all of my hate
But now, look at my state
I had a friend that would fit
I pitied her, quite a bit
But now, I am hit
She doesn't even care about me anymore, not even when my wrists are slit
I might seem like a bitch now
But where were you when I asked ''How?''
I am weird, I know
But I shall stay in this sorrow
But you know, I only ask why
Where are the angles when I cry
I do not want to talk
You'll just waste me like chalk
I have no feeling for such
Or so I pretend, as I do have feelings, thank you very much
I can only write my feelings down
Because, you do not even notice it when I frown
I always have to share
Although about me, you don't even care
But I was your diary
So how can you hate me so easily?
But, this is pointless
You won't even answer my mess
I try my best
But oh well, I am stabbed in the chest
There you shall see me bleed
But you won't even notice me, not even if I am under your feet
Sorry, for every

Our Favorite Prince By Far: Soma Asman Kadar!
Ever, since my Mina has Left me alone.
I was in a completely different Zone.
But, I always, had you, my Agni by my side.
During Day And Night even when I Hide.
But now it is Done.
I Shine As Bright As The Sun!
He is Soma Asman Kadar!
From India, yes, that Far!
He's our Prince!
A True Soul, That gets your Heart to convince!
I am the 26th Son, of The King!
So You See, I Am Not Just A Thing!
With my True Loyalty!
And with that I mean Agni!
He is My Highness!
No less!
I shall Serve Him, in Eternity!
He Is The God Soma Asman Kadar, And I Am Agni, You See?
He can Win every Soul He Sees!
Making them go down to The Knees!
He shall be a Prick!
But For Him, You'll Make Your Lines Thick!
Ah yes, afcourse!
Harmony is My Source!
I am Unbeatable!
Even though, I still believe in Every Fable!
I have Countered many sins.
There was no way, how my heart was to convince.
Myself, I was Greedy.
There Was No Pain, I Could See.
Oh, But then Ciel came!
The Beast in Me, is what he had to Tame!
Oh, I was Deeply

A Mind To FindHaving a mind of this length
A mind that gives me strength
Alone, a mind who knows me
A Mind, My mind, a cup of the perfect tea.
A mind to love and hate
A mind, knowing the date
A mind to fly
A mind that knows why
A step, my path
A creature, to fear
A feeling, shed a tear
A skull, so thick
A mind, too sick
As you are welcomed into my place
You shall see more then just my face
A feeling, attention to follow you
But, they would bother too
Art is the most nice
I am not the one wanting as your sugar and spice
I am one you can sometimes fear
But dear, don't shed a tear
Following into my prints
Seeing the slow hints
You won't even understand!
But well, this is My land.
Follow me to my soul
Be Alice, to fall down the Rabbit Hole
I shall make you mine
Only needing to let my part shine
No one believes my fear
All these mean persons to hear
But I shall raise myself up
As always I say, my heart is my part to not fall apart from the whole very end to the start.

More to find on my profile,
it's been a while!

By that,
All tears shed,



Watch Me Save The Day ! / You Choose . . . PC by PuppetChainsaw
Watch Me Save The Day ! / You Choose . . . PC

A little picture I made of Myself~ ^w^
Gosh I'm really gonna do more of these!

I actually came on the idea when I was listening to this:…
I love the game so much!-
It is still extremely precious to me. ;v;;

I also wrote a story by it, it is really just for Fun. XD


You were just home, you had visited the Town's Game Shop. You promised yourself you wouldn't buy anything from the Game Shop, you already had Enough Games. When walking Past, you could not stop yourself, and you walked right in. ''Hello!'' Said a friendly guy that looked in his 20's, that was cleaning up a Wii with such Cleaning Disk. You greeted him back, before looking around. You got to the PC Games, and saw such games as Goat Simulator, a Game called ''Alpaca In Wonderland'', but also another Game that seemed quite odd. The cover had only the colors Black and Blue, and The Company's name. The Name was.. SAI. Instead of shrugging it off like every Cliche Protagonist would do, you walked up to the man which now was testing the Wii. He said a little ''Yes!'' as he saw that the Wii worked. You approached him, and he saw you. ''May I Help You?'' The man said, leaning on the desk a bit. ''I would like to get more details about this game, and it's Company.'' You said, looking at the man. ''Ohh? Well, about the Company.. SAI is a company that releases many new games and such, of all kinds about all Genre for all Ages. SAI makes their games mostly usable on Any Console, and they release all Kinds of Genre's. And about the Game, you ask? I do not want to spoil it, it is more Fun to find it out yourself, but I still shall give information! It is a game with the Genre's; Humor, Drama, and Adventure and is mostly in a Realistic yet Anime-like Style. It is basically about this girl you can interact with, and they made her as much human as possible. You can also beat stages with her!'' His words felt to you. You looked at the games price, and it was only 7 Euro. You thought that it maybe could be fun when you are bored. ''Can I buy it?'' You asked. ''Sure, just hand me it for a sec!'' The man answered with a smile, not to stop his words. You gave him the game, and he took it before starting to search for the disc. You took out the needed money<img src="…">, and waited for him to pop back up. In the meanwhile, you just waited while you held in your giggles due his soft cursing. He popped back up eventually, and gave a bit of a disappointed look. ''Sorry, I can't find the game.'' He said, with a soft frown. ''Maybe it's still, or we uhh.. Already in the disc?'' You replied as you wanted to bring in hope for the both of you. The man opened the little case, and smiled. ''Oh, yes, it is in here!'' You smiled a bit, and you both switched the game and the money. You looked at the game, before the both of you said your ''Goodbye's'' to each other. You walked out of the store.

As you were home, it was tradition to plug the game in immediately. You plugged the game into your Playstation 2, and started up your T.V. and Playstation. The normal screen appeared, and the game started with a black screen with piano music in the background. You liked it, and after a few seconds the music turned into a whole.. Orchestra! The start screen popped up, and it seemed a little too ''Hype'' for the music. You selected new game, and you could only use one character. She had red hair, and was wearing a black, long coat with a black-and-grey striped scarf. Under that, he had black pants and black shoes. You clicked the ''X'' button and a low yet cheering voice said ''Watch Me Save The Day !'' But then, the game crashed. You mumbled silently, cursing. You tried to start it up a few times, checked if your Playstation was Dirty, or that there was something with the Game's Disk.. But Nothing. You sighed and did the game back in it's case, before you zapped to your Favorite channel. As time has passed by, you have started to doze off...

You woke up the next morning to find yourself on the couch. You looked outside, and it was already light. You got up and got to the kitchen to see if there was any food, but nothing. Shit, you forgot to buy food yesterday! You cursed, before looking at the clock which pointed out that it was 10 AM. You thought it was a great opportunity to get some fresh air, and to get yourself something to eat. Switching in new clothes as quick as possible, brushing your hair but forgetting to brush your teeth, you grabbed all the things you required. But before you could do that, there was a loud crash, and bang from the kitchen. You ran to the kitchen at immediate speed, trying to make yourself ready for any Attack! Simply, only the window was opened, and a few pans and such were laying on the ground.. But for the cup board, there was a bag with bread in it, together with butter and slices ham. You thought who possible could do such thing, but then you saw a movement from the window. It was pale hand. ''W-Watch me.. Save...The ..Day !.." You ran to the window as quick as you could, only to find the character of the game you have all bought yesterday, laying on the ground with her eyes closed. ''Ooowww...'' She complained, before you started to chuckle.


I am a bad writer, I know-

A Princess' Demand - OC Zarinari by PuppetChainsaw
A Princess' Demand - OC Zarinari

This is the OC Alara, owned by: :iconzarinari:
Ehh, I am not quite happy with this picture..

Funny, I have stayed up late so I could get this don.
I didn't feel good today, so I went to sleep.
But I still wanted the picture finished, so after I woke up and after I ate my dinner, I got to the computer to finish the picture.

I really hope you all enjoy it!
I hope I did the design good.
There was a reference photo but I made it more..
''Advanced'', due that Alara is 24 already.
I wanted to give her kinda the same outfit, but more ''Royal'' and more ''Covering''.

Sorry I couldn't have Speedpaint. <3

The OC:…

Owner of The OC:

Art: Me

Oh!! by PuppetChainsaw

One day I just thought..
I still need to get more information on her, though. .-. ._.


PS: I do not own the texture of the background, I forgot who did.
This Wonderful Woman by PuppetChainsaw
This Wonderful Woman

Another old Picture!
I have not much to say, only that I saw the ''Real-Life Version'' of her when I was watching ''Say Yes To The Dress.''
Her name is Elise! And the last name, I belief, of the family was Elise too!

I cried.


Another Old Draw - OC by PuppetChainsaw
Another Old Draw - OC

Pls gimme a name in the comments..
This is also a quite old draw!
But she's still one of my bbies ;v;;



PuppetChainsaw's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I started drawing when I was 7 Years old, and now have involved to this. I, myself, am Proud of what Art brings me. I take in re-quests. I would love to take part in things, with my Art or Writing. Feel Free to ask me anything!


2. Poetry/Poem

It is something I may stand ''Famous'' for.

My Poems are the most popular in the galery.

I shall do poems about what you want.
No Sexual Stuff, and OC's are pretty hard to do!
But I still may try.

Note Me With:

Commission Poem

About What/Who:
Theme: (Optional)
Loyalty Can Be Cute (..??) by PuppetChainsaw
Zarinari - Angle - Final Fantasy OC !!Speedpaint!! by PuppetChainsaw
1. Chibi

Note Me For The Details Before Paying!

Note Me With:

Commission Chibi

-OC Name
-Race (Human, Demon, Ect..)
-Bio (Optional)

Special Re-Quests: Simple Background, etc..



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