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I... Lived in a small house. I liked it, as it was were I had grown up from a young child to a full-grown adult. I was the oldest of all my brothers. Sadly, both my brothers are dead. The youngest, Tim, died of cancer. But, I'm glad he's Death. Now he has no Pain Drama anymore. My other brother Frank, died in a car crash. He was going to football lessons, as that was his dream. I completely disliked him. Such son of a bitch! But... Back to the house. I live here alone, my parents wanted to live in the city, but I am a nature person. I am 21, so it was completely legal. They left 1 year ago, as they wanted to go to the city as quick as possible. They wanted to go to Glasgow, as they wanted to have a own toy shop. I shall tell my name, by the way. I am Damian, a violist. I work in a orchestra, mostly for funerals. I.. Also seem to have a huge love for the paranormal. Sorry for my shyness, it is usual. But, back to the subject. It was something unknown, something exciting! Something that could be explained by everybody, and by no one. I lived on the wide fields. it was a good escape from all the busy streets, it was good and quiet. Quiet, just like how I have been...
The Paranormal Keeps Quiet - Chapter 1

Fully owned by Me!
Thanks for the Read!

I am, simple, so small.
Yet I am so Tall.
I hit the keys of the piano.
There You see me go.
My thoughts, and Ideas, aren't low.
Even though, I mostly think slow.
I think more than others.
Sometimes, it does, but never, bothers.
Oh, I feel So Lonely.
My Mind is the Only Thing I can See.
But, I have my Passionate Heart!
Something that will Never Play Apart...

I am so tiny.
No one can see me.
Yet I am so Tall as a Tree.
My branches are Free.
My Art and Poetry are Everything!
They come together when I Sing!

I am Here!
Trying to make your days Clear!
There's absolutely Nothing You Need To Fear!
My Voice, is what you Hear!
I'll write you a Song!
Let's Sing Along!
See, it's pretty simple!
Don't worry, we can Cure that Pimple!
Simple as that, now I shall bow!
I shall protect you through flames and snow!
And I'll shall show you how!
Don't you worry, it's just a Cow!
I may seem Negative!
But I am the complete opposite!
This Is My Dream!
A Fantasy I Stream!
A world I rule from my heel!
A new Emotion I feel!
My Negativity is made out of Steel!
My thoughts, of The Future Are So Big!
They're not skinny, but more than Thick!
This is how I View!
I really Adore something New!
Negativity is what I chew!
Away with it!
Positive, That's where I fit!

This World Is so Weird yet such Beauty!
It's Suiting for me!
Although I feel a little Lonely!
But, Passion is Lovely!

But oh well!
I set my ship to Sail!

I am not Understood.
Never good in anyone's Hood.
No other of my Age thinks I'm Good.
But I don't need to Fit!
I have my Candles Lit!
I have The Keys of The Piano Hit!
I am a little bit shy!
But for now, Goodbye!
I am sick, I am stuck!
I will push everyone away that tries to get a hug!
No Good Luck!
I know it's fake!
you let me lay in a lake!
Fuck it!
I have my Lighters Lit!
I'm not done yet!
This is MY SET!

Everybody is a Drama Queen Or King!
Thinking Cutting is JUST a Thing!
You have All the Water and Food!
Have the clothes that Suit!
Many other's don't have that All!
They see their Dreams Fall!

I need to see it everywhere, and I regret that I can hear!
It's like you've drink too much Beer!
Your Brain is a mess!
Even less!

You think your life is bad!?!
Look at the Starving Children in Africa instead!
They Are DYING!
While you, and your so called ''Bad'' Life, are lying!

I am sick, I am stuck!
No Good Luck!
Don't come to me to tell about your cuts!
You Spare my time by lots!
Have Fun!

My Reaction To People With No Reason That Cut

My Reaction To People With No Reason That Cut
I see ''Re-Post If You Cut'' EVERYWHERE on G+!
It is flipping Annoying!!
You literally have no reason to Cut!

Well with That, GOODBYE!

Ever, since my Mina has Left me alone.
I was in a completely different Zone.
But, I always, had you, my Agni by my side.
During Day And Night even when I Hide.
But now it is Done.
I Shine As Bright As The Sun!

He is Soma Asman Kadar!
From India, yes, that Far!
He's our Prince!
A True Soul, That gets your Heart to convince!

I am the 26th Son, of The King!
So You See, I Am Not Just A Thing!
With my True Loyalty!
And with that I mean Agni!

He is My Highness!
No less!
I shall Serve Him, in Eternity!
He Is The God Soma Asman Kadar, And I Am Agni, You See?

He can Win every Soul He Sees!
Making them go down to The Knees!
He shall be a Prick!
But For Him, You'll Make Your Lines Thick!

Ah yes, afcourse!
Harmony is My Source!
I am Unbeatable!
Even though, I still believe in Every Fable!

I have Countered many sins.
There was no way, how my heart was to convince.
Myself, I was Greedy.
There Was No Pain, I Could See.

Oh, But then Ciel came!
The Beast in Me, is what he had to Tame!
Oh, I was Deeply a Shame.
Oh By The Way, Do Not tell Sebastian, But His Curry Is Lame!

Now I can say ''Thank You!''
And I Appreciate It Too!
I was locked up in my own shell.
I Was Such Big Of A Sin And Shame, It Is Too Hard To Tell!

But Now This Comes To A End!
But Remember, Everyone Is My Friend!

With Friendly Greets,
It is Hot Under My Feets,

Soma Asman Kadar!

P.S: Trust Me
    And There Is A New World You Can See!
Our Favorite Prince By Far: Soma Asman Kadar!

Black Butler and Soma are made by Yana Toboso!
Art and Poem by Me~!



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I started with drawing when I was 7 years old. In the main time, I liked Puppets and Chainsaws. 'PuppetChainsaw' Is a shorting for 'Puppet With A Chainsaw'

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